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Honey is the only product to be consumed by man that is produced by an insect. Our honey bee, Apis mellifera, takes resources from its immediate environment, between Lake Annecy and the Alps mountains. Rare, of varied colors and flavors, adorned with a thousand virtues, it arrives on your table as the tireless workers have elaborated it. Without addition, without transformation. Natural and authentic. 100% raw!

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Raw honey, preserved in its wax cells

This is the rawest honey that can be found. It is presented as the bees have stored it; a wax seal still protects it from the outside environment. The purity and nutritional quality of this honey have no equals.

Minimal net weight : 300g / 400g / 500g / 600g

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Fruit of traditional beekeeping and harvested on our family apiary in the Alps

Authentic mountain honey composed with a multitude of wild flowers (cherry, poppy, raspberry, dandelion, wild thyme, clover, acacia, linden, rosemary). Its exceptional taste and sweet aroma reflect the richness of a botanical environment still preserved.


High Altitude Honey

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Altitude product, authentic and refined

The excellence of Honey. This liquid gold is made by our bees at more than 1300m in a virgin environment. At this altitude, bramble, serpolet, heather, raspberry, fireweed, rhododendron and more conifers are the sources of nectar and honeydew visited by our bees. Its roundness, lightness and woody aroma reflect the richness of a protected alpine environment.

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The freshness and sweetness of spring flowers

This limited edition captures the floral explosion of the first months of the year. Our bees have greatly benefited from the awakening of nature, the regeneration of the botanical environment to develop and collect a nectar of great purity. Bright, light and fresh, it transports to us flavours like dandelions, rapeseed, acacia and draws its fruity flavours from orchards (cherry trees, apple trees, blackthorns). Its discrete but surprising aromas make it a pleasant and invigorating honey.